We help creatives build profitable, scalable, and enjoyable businesses.

Courses, Coaching, and Community for Freelancers & Agency Owners.


Creative Cookout is a business school and community helping creative entrepreneurs improve their lives and gain their financial independence through expert-led curriculum and proven systems, backed by 15+ years of experience.

We exist because...

Building a creative
business isn't easy...

Especially if you’re a solopreneur who’s just getting started, a freelancer struggling to find high-quality clients or an agency owner who desperately needs to scale and build a team.

As a creative entrepreneur, you already know about the 14+ hour days, the never-ending projects, the 30-day past-due invoices, and the little voice in your head wondering if this will ever be a “real” business.

But, you CAN build a thriving business!

A business with consistent clients, a reliable team, and profits. One that brings you financial stability so you can take care of yourself, your family, and your community.

To build this business, you need 3 things:

A proven system, a coach to help you implement it, and a safe space to talk with like-minded professionals who are on a similar path.

And that’s where Creative Cookout comes in!

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- Jacques, your coach!